Water Damage MacBook

Spilled water on your laptop? Remove all easily-detachable components.Unplug Accessories . Keep it Upside Down . If possible Remove Battery . Disconnect any Electric Outlet Plugged .

Water Damage MacBook Repair Plano Texas . Ultrasonic Cleaning with Solution is the most after your take out all parts .check with New Replacement Battery , Charing Port , Logic Board does. not respond . troubleshoot is the board is heating up . find the faulty part to fix MacBook and data recovery process . Tools : Alcohol , Stereo Microscope , Hot Air Rework Station , Soldering Iron . Parts To Clean and Test : Adapters ,Batteries ,Board Connectors Board ICs,Bottom Cases,Clutch Covers,External Drives,Fans,Fuses & Capacitors,Hardware Kits Heatsinks ,I/O Boards,I/O Cables,Keyboards, Laptop internal Keyboard,LCD Cables,LCD Display Assemblies,LCD Monitors,Logic Boards,Network Cards,Other Cables,Power Adapters,Power Cords,Screws,Speakers,SSDs,Top Cases Trackpad Cables,Trackpads