Slow Apple iMac 20 Inch Non-Retina A1224 Mid 2007 Computer Repair Upgrade & Fix Plano Texas

Slow iMac Repair Service Near Plano

Most of the times even with random software updates, corrupted OS, old battery, low RAM, bad graphic card, storage getting full, all these could result in a slower device. Are you having problems with Mid 2007 Apple iMac 20 inch Non-Retina, A1224? Do you spend more time staring at the rainbow circle/spinning wheel on your mac? Does your iMac says it is running out of storage? Do you spend more time closing and postponing all the random updates that your iMac tells you it has? Does your iMac gets filled up with random website pop-ups?

If your answer is Yes to all the questions, then please free to give us a call at 972-685-1669 for free consultation and/or to set an appointment with our certified Apple Technicians. We have technicians who have been in this field fixing iMac for more than 10 years now and fixing issues like slow computer is almost like eating breakfast for them.

We provide services to all 20 inch iMac, iMac 20 inch 2007, iMac 20 inch 2008, iMac 20 inch 2009, iMac 2007, iMac, 2008, iMac 2009, iMac Non-retina, iMac 4 USB ports, iMac running slow, A1224, A2133, A1174, A1207.

Repairs can not be limited only to software or hardware issues. It could be either or and both depending on the iMac. Most of our customers want to know how much without even wanting to know what is required and what steps are needed to make your iMac run smoothly. One can do a self diagnosis as well if they want to. Frequent questions some of our customers ask related to a slow iMac repair are:

Software IssuesHardware Issues
1. Old software/OS update
2. Clean junk files
3. Malware infections
4. Virus infections
5. Delete third party and unused apps
6. Delete unused startup programs
1. Low on RAM
2. Low on storage
3. SSD upgrade needed (if possible)
4. Reapply thermal paste