I had a very slow 2011 iMac. My grandkids had to wait 15 minutes just to open a game and when they played it was not smooth at all, thats how slow my iMac was. Every time I tried to open a picture in my iMac I had to wait at least 30 seconds to look at it and when I click next a rainbow colored ball would appear for more than 5 seconds. So I thought to myself I have to fix this slow iMac and luckily I found iCertifiedGeek. They fixed my slow iMac in one day. If you have any iMac issues go to iCertifiedGeek. They have awesome technicians and communication was the best I have ever experienced. Thank you for fixing my iMac.

My iMac was working fine but suddenly one night while I was using it for my project it decided to completely die on me. That project was very important to me, luckily my friend recommended me to iCertifiedGeek and told me that they will be able to help me out to fix my iMac. Raj not only fixed my iMac but also gave it back exactly the way it was. They were very informative and told me my iMacs power supply was corrupted and needed to be replaced. iCertifiedGeek was able to diagnose my device, keep me informed about it every hour and also repair it in one day. I will recommend iCertifiedGeek to everyone. Please ask them for help if you need any help for your devices.

While doing my homework for college I accidentally closed my laptop screen without realizing I had a pen resting on top case of my MacBook Air. I can still hear the sound of my MacBook Air screen cracking. I was freaking out because I had an essay due next day and my MacBook Air was not accessible for me to finish it. I looked up in Google maps and found iCertifiedGeek, looking at their reviews in Google maps I trusted them and came straight to their storefront. Their reviews are accurate, technicians here fixed my MacBook Air screen while I waited in their lobby. iCertifiedGeek fixed my 2014 MacBook Air screen for a good price and their service was very professional and informative.

My Lenovo Yoga 910 laptop was getting slower day by day. One day it got so worse I needed help from professional technicians to remove virus from my Dell laptop. I noticed iCertifiedGeek while leaving Walmart so I said let me go there and fix my Lenovo laptop. I had a feeling the moment I entered iCertifiedGeek that they will fix my Lenovo laptop. After speaking to Raj, I was so positive that I thought my Lenovo laptop will be fixed in 2 days but they proved me wrong. It only took them 2 hours to fix my laptop and give it back in the condition it was when I first bought it. Only difference was that they had recovered all my data which was very important to me. If I have any problem with my computer in the future I will always come to this guys.

Forgetting to backup your important data and having your screen constantly flicker in a way that you can’t even use it is the worst feeling ever. I am so thankful to iCertifiedGeek that they helped me fix my Dell inspiron screen flickering issue in less than one day. Now I have all my data in my Dell inspiron laptop and a screen that looks and functions like brand new. Please go to iCertifiedGeek if you have any issue with your Dell laptop.

I accidentally spilled apple juice on my MacBook Air while watching Netflix. It turned off immediately and never turned on even when I tried to plug it into the charger. Thank you Raj for quick fix of my liquid damaged MacBook Air.

It was irritating to listen to my MacBook Pro’s distorted speaker. Thank you iCertifiedGeek for quick repair on my MacBook Pro speaker. I recommend this place to everyone.

I had to use my iPad while it was connected to the charger because the battery would not last me long., it was not pleasant at all. iCertifiedGeek solved my iPad battery problem with a quick fix and communicated with me very professionally.

iCertifiedGeek fixed my liquid damaged device quickly and efficiently. Will recommend to everyone.

They have LED screen for MacBook Pro. Very professional service and quick repair in MacBook pro screen.

They repaired my MacBook Pro battery draining too fast problem. I also want to say thank you Raj for you friendly and informative service.

My HP laptop would get so hot that I was not able to put it on my lap. Luckily I found iCertifiedGeek for quick and professional repair of my overheating HP laptop. I would also like to mention they added thermal paste for no cost. Very helpful technicians.

I had a very slow Lenovo laptop, technicians at iCertifiedGeek diagnosed it for me and recommended a new SSD to fix my problem. They were absolutely correct and now my Lenovo laptop works like brand new.

My fan in my HP pavillion was not spinning, iCertifiedGeek diagnosed my device to figure out what was causing the problem and quickly fixed it for me.

I spilled water on my MacBook and it turned off immediately. I brought it to iCertifiedGeek and they repaired my MacBook’s logic board and brought it back to life. Thank you guys.

I accidentally spilled water on my MacBook Pro but iCertifiedGeek quickly repaired my device and also recovered all the data for me.

My son’s brand new MacBook Air had liquid damage but luckily iCertified geek repaired it without losing my data.

macbook speaker

I hated when my MacBook’s right speaker would not work. Thankfully you guys helped me with a quick and professional repair.

I tried to change my iMac’s Hard Drive but accidentally dropped my screen during the process. Then I realized I should leave it to the professionals and technicians at iCertifiedGeek and very professional and fixed my screen in one day. Thank you guys for quick repair on my iMac.

My iMac was performing slow so I asked for your help. Thank you for diagnosing it correctly and repairing my iMac’s graphics card so quickly. It works great guys.

Thank you for quick fix on my iPhone X screen replacement.

My broken iPad screen was bothering me but technicians here are amazingly helpful and fast. Thank you Raj

Thanks for making my computer fast and installing a new SSD in my HP PC computer.

Thanks for quick virus removal in my Dell computer. Also thank you for free tempered glass on my iPhone

Thank you guys for repairing my Dell laptop’s charging port so quickly. If you want quick and reliable repair go to iCertifiedGeek.

ICertifiedGeek is so impressive with their repair on my MacBook Air. Raj was so informative with the repairing process on my MacBook Air battery draining fast.