Mac & PC Service

Computer Setup On site Computer Installation Software Installation
Computer Repair Virus & Spyware Removal Hardware Troubleshoot
Networking Wireless Internet File & Print Sharing
Data Services Recovery Migration Data Backup Solution
System Upgrade Memory ,Video Card , DVD / Blueray Storage SSD
Training & Consulting Get Trained for Do it yourself
Operating System Install w/o data backup
Computer Optimization (Tuneup)
Computer Repair Plano
Full Erase and Reinstall Most affordable solution
PC Setup
PC Setup and Data Transfer
Operating System Install / Reinstallation
Computer Optimization (Tuneup)
Full Erase and Reinstall (most affordable solution)
Data backup and Reinstall
Diagnostic & Repair with Anti Virus
Blue Screen Error Messages
No Video
No Sound
Computer Won’t Turn On
Computer Shuts Off Suddenly
Memory Errors
Unmountable Boot Volume errors
Disk not found errors
Missing or Corrupt File errors
Internet not working
Keyboard / mouse not working
Computer making loud noises
Printer or Scanner not working
S.M.A.R.T. errors
Video is fuzzy or too large
USB not working
CD Drive doesn’t work
Office Networking (share files, printers and programs)
Add a Device to Existing Network
Standard Home Networking
Automated Data Backup Setup
One Time Data Backup
Data Recovery – Onsite Assessment
Logical Hard Drive Data Recovery
Computer Hardware Install
Memory Install Upgrade
Technology Consultation
In Business Training – introduction to QuickBook
In Home Training – Consulting Word Excel Office 365
In Home Training – Consulting Digital Photo Edit Mail social Media
In Home Training – introduction to Photoshop
In Home Training – introduction to website
In Home Training – introduction to Mac OS X
In Home Training – introduction to windows OS
iPhone Airplay Apple TV Setup and Training (In Home)
Outlook Support Migration From one Computer To another
Outlook Email Contacts & Calendar Migration
Outlook Synchronization to multi Device iPhone iPad Mac PC
Quick Book Support Upgrade / Update
Add Additional Users To quicklook
Quick Book Data Migration
Quick Book Data Backup solution