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Need quality service for Macbook repairs near Allen? Our Apple Certified Mac Technicians will get your repairs done in no time. Whether its a cracked Macbook screen repair, Macbook battery repair service, Macbook ssd upgrade service, Macbook hdd repair service, Macbook not turning on, Macbook liquid damage, we service all kinds of Macbook repairs in Allen.We also provide home support services, so give us a call today detailing your issues you have with your MacBook and book us for an appointment to get your MacBook fixed quickly.

Note: Please provide your Macbook Device model number and serial number so that we can help you better. We will have most Macbook repair parts in stock so turnaround time is fast. iCertifiedGeek Allen provides affordable Macbook repair service in Allen area.

We provide repair services for all MacBook year and models including 2015 MacBook, 2014 MacBook, 2013 MacBook, 2012 MacBook, 2011 MacBook, 2010 MacBook, 2016 MacBook, 2017 MacBook, 2018, MacBook 2019, MacBook 2020, One USB-C Macbook, Unibody 13 inch slow Macbook Pro, Unibody 15 inch slow Macbook Pro, Retina 13 inch slow Macbook Pro, Retina 15 inch slow Macbook Pro, Touch Bar 13 inch slow Macbook Pro, Touch Bar 15 inch slow Macbook Pro, 11 inch slow Macbook Air, 13 inch slow Macbook AirA1534,  A1342,  A1181,  A1278,  A1989,  A1990,  A1707,  A1706,  A1708,  A1502,  A1398,  A1425,  A1278,  A1286,  A1297,  A1260,  A1261,  A1229,  A1226,  A1211,  A1212,  A1150,  A1151,  A1932,  A1466,  A1465,  A1369,  A1370,  A1304,  A1237,  A1989,  A1990,  A2179

Same Day MacBook Repair Allen

Some of our MacBook repair services includes

  • MacBook LCD screen repair/replacement Allen
  • MacBook Battery replacement Allen
  • MacBook Liquid damage repair Allen
  • MacBook SSD upgrade Allen
  • MacBook Ram/Memory upgrade Allen
  • MacBook Power cord issue repair Allen
  • MacBook Graphics repair Allen
  • Slow MacBook repair Allen
  • MacBook Password reset Allen
  • MacBook Stuck at apple logo repair Allen
  • MacBook Stuck at question mark sign repair Allen
  • MacBook Prohibitory sign repair Allen
  • MacBook Loud fan repair Allen
  • MacBook Black screen repair Allen
  • MacBook Not booting repair Allen
  • MacBook Virus removal Allen
  • MacBook Freezing repair Allen
  • MacBook Power supply repair Allen
  • MacBook macOS configuration Allen
  • MacBook Back-light repair Allen
  • MacBook Logic board repair Allen
  • MacBook Keyboard repair/replacement Allen
  • MacBook Trackpad repair/replacement Allen
  • MacBook WIFI issue repair Allen
  • MacBook Camera issue repair Allen
  • MacBook Bottom case replacement Allen
  • MacBook Keyboard assembly replacement Allen
  • MacBook Speaker repair/replacement Allen
  • MacBook Loud fan repair/replacement Allen

Services For MacBook Repair Allen

MacBook Liquid Damage Repair Allen

Apple MacBook Liquid Damage Repair Plano

Liquid and MacBook when coming in contact because of a liquid spill is quite possibly the most hazardous things that can happen to your MacBook on the grounds that liquid are acceptable conduits of power. After liquid in the form of water, tea, juice, sports drink enters inside the MacBook, your MacBook can damage the internal components and harm the MacBook logic board. If there should be an occurrence of liquid damage, it is important to allow your MacBook to dry and look for help from an expert. Let us help get your liquid damaged MacBook restored to functional again by performing ultrasonic cleaning on your MacBook logic board and if essential performing logic board repairs too. We provide full service MacBook liquid damage repairs service in Allen.

MacBook Battery Replacement Allen

Do you have a failed MacBook battery or does your MacBook display service battery warning? Are you looking for certified Mac repair experts to get your MacBook battery replaced or to solve issues with your MacBook battery draining quickly or not holding a charge? After certain years of usage, even MacBook batteries have performance issues which could cause performance issues such as lagging, randomly restarting, apple logo being stuck, MacBook not turning on and such. We diagnose your MacBook and let you know exactly what your MacBook needs whether it be a software fix or a battery replacement service for your MacBook. We are located in the Allen area, so you can visit us with your MacBook to get your battery diagnosed and replaced.

MacBook Screen Replacement Allen

Searching for a reasonable and dependable MacBook screen replacement service In Allen? Provided that this is true, we can take care of you. Our certified Mac repair professionals have long periods of involvement with providing screen replacement services for all models of MacBook screen Retina and Non-Retina. We additionally have a large inventory of MacBook parts and screen which permits us to have quicker repair turn around time. In the event that you need to get your MacBook screen fixed simply call us detailing your MacBook model or serial number to set a meeting with us or carry your MacBook to our Allen store to have one of our Mac certified professionals get it fixed. iCertifiedGeek provide MacBook screen replacement services for Allen.

MacBook Flashing ? Folder Repair Allen

MacBook Flashing Question mark folder Repair Service Plano Texas

Does your MacBook show a question mark folder sign when booting up? We can fix this issue. The flashing question mark (?) is a typical issue with the MacBooks and generally it happens due to the MacBook being unable to load the macOS system files or due to corrupt macOS or no operating system on your MacBook. At iCertifiedGeek, we fix all software and hardware issues on MacBook of all models. Our certified experts have years of experience with providing quality and quick MacBook repair services and are always here in Allen to help you . We give quick and reasonably affordable MacBook flashing ? folder sign repair services in Allen.

MacBook Charging Port Repair Allen

MacBook Not Charging Repair Plano Texas

If your MacBook isn’t charging, it could be the issue with your charging port, battery or the logic board. Regardless of what issue you may have with your MacBook, iCertifiedGeek can fix them for you. Call us today on (972) 685-1669 and talk with one of our certified specialists who have years of expertise in fixing a wide range of issues identified with MacBooks. Our certified Mac professionals have quite a long while of aptitude in tackling MacBook charging issues on all models and will put forth a valiant effort to get your MacBook charging issue settled. Leave it to the repair experts at iCertifiedGeek to get your MacBook fixed.

MacBook Backlight No Display Repair Allen

Need to get your MacBook backlight issue fixed near Allen? Is your MacBook only displaying a dim screen or does your MacBook makes sound while booting but there’s nothing on the display? It could possibly be that your MacBook backlight is damaged. Backlight issues can be because of damaged mosfet, backlight driver issues, screen issues, or pin connector issue or logic board issues. Don’t worry, our certified experts will diagnose your MacBook for any issues causing backlight failure and provide you the best repair solution for your MacBook accordingly.

MacBook Apple Logo Stuck Repair Allen

MacBook Apple Logo Stuck Repair Plano

Apple MacBooks have the best security alternatives as far as laptops in general. Due to several updates and patches that could happen or due to hardware or software issues your MacBook could crash or be stuck in an Apple logo bootloop. Sometimes these minor accidents can be fixed without getting an expert assistance. By restarting the gadget. In the event that it is stuck in Boot circle, it consequently means that it is an MacBook hardware issue such as graphics card failure, HDD failure, SSD failure, logic board failure, connection issues, etc. It very well may be software issue such as corrupt macOS, no operating system, kernel panic error, incompatible macOS, macOS update failure and such. If there is a chance that it is due to HDD failure, back it up first because you could loose the data if not backed up. On the off chance that it happened due to software crash, the issue must be isolated to which program and that program must be terminated or fixed. Call iCertifiedGeek for complete MacBook diagnostic and repair solution for your MacBook being stuck on the Apple Logo.

MacBook Data Recovery Allen

MacBook Data Recovery Plano

Lost some information as of late from your MacBook and looking to get data recovery service in Allen? You can have confidence that our certified data recovery specialists can restore your information. You can believe the data recovery center iCertifiedGeek has high success history and achievement rate in data recovery from MacBook. iCertifiedGeek is one of the top data recovery service provider for MacBook of all models in Allen. We recover data from MacBook hard disk drive, Solid State Drive, Flash Memory and Logic board.Call our certified experts and we can help recover your MacBook data for you.


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Why Choose Our MacBook Repair Services In Allen?

Quick Turn Around

We give fast repair turn around whether it be diagnostics, repairs, update or technical support services. We have a group of certified specialists who have a lot of experience wide range of gadgets repair and troubleshoot, so we can give quick fix.

Certified Professionals

Our group comprises of a certified experts in Computer repairs, Apple Mac fixes, Data Recovery and systems administration. iCertifiedGeek technical support experts can assist you with any issues you may have with your gadget.

Consumer loyalty

Our essential concern is forever our customers and to make them happy with our administration and services. We attempt to provide clear communication and understanding with our customers and that is the thing that our clients love about us.

Quality Repair Service

iCertifiedGeek utilizes top quality repair parts for the entirety of our repair services and that is the solitary motivation behind why we can provide warranty benefits alongside satisfactory repairs. We attempt to provide quality repairs that can make your gadget keep going for quite a while.

Reasonable Pricing

Our estimating for repairs, diagnostic or technical support administrations for any gadgets are truly moderate. We give quality repair services at a reasonable cost for all people and business in the Allen zone.