iPhone Screen Repair

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About iCertifiedGeek

Our certified technicians at iCertifiedGeek provide fast and reliable service helping you out with your concern regarding your devices. Some of the common services we provide are PC repair, Mac Repair, iPhone Repair, RAM upgrade, HardDrive to SSD upgrade, password removal, custom PC upgrade and repair, laptop repair, Microsoft surface repair, PC Upgrade, PC HardDrive repair and Recovery, PC and Screen and LCD Repairs, Hard Disk repair and upgrade, Data recovery, Mac Keyboard repair and any other hardware or software issue. We help you to make the right decision based on your device requirement and device. As a Premium Service Provider, iCertifiedGeek works directly with Apple Device to provide out-of-warranty iPhone Repair Service.

iPhone Screen Repair

  • iPhone 5SE® Screen Repair Service
  • iPhone 5® Screen Repair Service
  • iPhone 6® Screen Repair Service
  • iPhone 6® Screen Plus Repair Service
  • iPhone 6S® Screen Repair Service
  • iPhone 6S Plus® Screen Repair Service
  • iPhone 7® Screen Repair Service
  • iPhone 7 Screen Plus Repair Service
  • iPhone 8® Screen Repair Service
  • iPhone 8 Plus® Screen Repair Service
  • iPhone X® Screen Repair Service
  • iPhone XR® Screen Repair Service
  • iPhone XS® Screen Repair Service
  • iPhone Xs Max® Screen Repair Service


We do service on all iPhone 5®, iPhone 5SE®, iPhone 5C®, iPhone 5G®, iPhone 6®, iPhone 6 Plus®, iPhone 6S®, iPhone 6S Plus®, iPhone 7®, iPhone 7 Plus®, iPhone 8®, iPhone 8 Plus®, iPhone X®, iPhone XR®, iPhone XS®, iPhone Xs Max®. Screen replacement, LCD Replacement, battery Replacement, Home button replacement, Camera Replacement, Front Camera Replacement, Back glass replacement, Software updates, and other services. We Provide 90 days warranty on all the parts Replaced on iPhone® Repair Service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I fix my freezing iPhone?

A: Try to reboot your iPhone and most user do not reboot their iPhone time to time. Most case if you reboot you iPhone it will do a fresh start.

Q: I am giving my iPhone to my friend. How do I delete my information from my phone so my friend will not have my information.

A: You can erase all setting and content, going in the “Setting” and “General” from your iPhone and remove iCloud account from your iPhone.

Q: My iPhone is Disabled, How do I able it?

A: Try Plug in your iPhone to the computer with iTunes. iTunes will ask for your Apple iCloud and password information provide iCloud information and it will remove the disable from your iPhone.

Q: How do I save battery life on my iPhone?

A: Use a battery saving modes on your iPhones. Reduce screen brightness, Use wifi instead of 4G, turn of Bluetooth if you are not using any Bluetooth devices, these are the easy step to save battery life on your iPhone.

Q: I am trying to do the backup in iCloud from my iPhone and it is not letting me do any backup?

A: Backing up issues occurs when you have not to reboot your iPhone for a long time and sometimes due to not doing any software updates.