HP Laptop Charging Port Repair Plano

Is your laptop having problems while charging? While this could be sue to faulty or damaged battery, this could also be due to faulty charging port. Did you spill some water on the charging port? No matter what the reason for your issues might be, iCertifiedGeek has solutions for all.

Our professionals have been repairing laptops for years and can figure out the source of issue you’re facing with ease. We provide the best service in the Plano area. Call us on (972) 685-1669 detailing your issues with your HP laptop and one of our certified repair technician can provide you with the right solution for your problem.

Some HP laptop models we provide services for include HP OMEN X,HP Spectre x360 15,HP ENVY 13,HP ENVY 17,HP Pavilion 15,HP Pavilion x360,HP ENVY x360,HP Chromebook, HP Spectre Folio 13,HP Spectre x360 13, HP Stream,HP ENVY x2, HP Elite Dragonfly, HP ZBook Studio x360 G5, HP EliteBook 840 G5,HP Stream 11, etc.

Guarantee HP laptop Charging Port Repair Service Plano

Some of the services we provide related to the charging port repair in the Plano area are:

  • Not Charging HP laptop Charger Repair Plano
  • Hot battery HP laptop Charger Repair Plano
  • Bad power management HP laptop Charger Repair Plano
  • Charging pin broken HP laptop Charger Repair Plano
  • Charge not holding HP laptop Charger Repair Plano
  • Liquid damage HP laptop Charger Repair Plano
  • Physical Damage HP laptop Charger Repair Plano
  • Overheating HP laptop Charger Repair Plano
  • Slow Charging HP laptop Charger Repair Plano
  • Battery low in dialog box HP laptop Charger Repair Plano
  • Same-day HP laptop Charger Repair Plano
  • DC Power Input Repair Plano
  • PC Power Supply Connector in HP laptop repair Plano
  • HP laptop DC Power Input repair in Plano
  • Old HP laptop Charger Repair Plano
  • Bad Charging port HP laptop Charger Repair Plano
  • Bad Battery HP laptop Charger Repair Plano
  • Slow battery Response HP laptop Charger Repair Plano
  • HP laptop power port repair Plano

When Do You Need Our Service?

Not Charging HP laptop Charger Repair Plano

Is your HP laptop not charging when connected to the charger? We understand your frustration as you can do nothing but watch as your HP laptop runs out of battery. The first thing you need to do is make sure that the connection from the power socket to your HP laptop is correct. Once we rule out your charger being the problem, we can focus on the possible reasons for the issue. Don’t worry! We can fix any problem you face while using a computer. Just give us a call or drop by in the Plano area.

Slow Charging HP laptop Repair Service Plano

Is your HP laptop charging very slow? Are you always stuck near a wall or the power socket due to this reason? The reason for your HP laptop charging very slow could be due to damaged battery or due to faulty charging port. iCertifiedGeek has a team of experts who can help you out with this. They can diagnose the problem and give you the solution whether it be replacing your battery or your charging port. Just give us a call or drop by at your convenience.

Liquid Damaged HP laptop Charging Port Repair Service Plano

Did you HP laptop get damaged with liquid? Did you spill some liquid near your charging port on your HP laptop? Has your HP laptop not been taking charge since getting damaged from liquid? If your HP laptop has been damaged with liquid we suggest you to not connect your HP laptop to the charger at all. It could cause some short circuit and cause further damage to your HP laptop and can even be dangerous. Get professional help as soon as possible. iCertifiedGeek can take care of this issue of yours. Our professionals have been dealing with liquid damaged HP laptops for years and can repair it in no time.

Bad Battery HP laptop Charger Repair Service Plano

Are you having issues with your HP laptop not holding charge long enough? Is your HP laptops battery draining too fast? Do you always have to connect your HP laptop to its charger while using it? Well looks like your battery is at fault here. It could be damaged and you might need to replace your battery. Solving this issue at home is a big no, you need professional help. iCertifiedGeek provides services for replacing HP laptops battery. Just give us a call or drop by at your convenience.

Why Choose Our HP laptop Screen Replacement Services In Plano

Quick Turn Around

We give fast repair turn around whether it be diagnostics, repairs, update or technical support services. We have a group of certified specialists who have a lot of experience wide range of gadgets repair and troubleshoot, so we can give quick fix.

Certified Professionals

Our group comprises of a certified experts in Computer repairs, Apple Mac fixes, Data Recovery and systems administration. iCertifiedGeek technical support experts can assist you with any issues you may have with your gadget.

Consumer loyalty

Our essential concern is forever our customers and to make them happy with our administration and services. We attempt to provide clear communication and understanding with our customers and that is the thing that our clients love about us.

Quality Repair Service

iCertifiedGeek utilizes top quality repair parts for the entirety of our repair services and that is the solitary motivation behind why we can provide warranty benefits alongside satisfactory repairs. We attempt to provide quality repairs that can make your gadget keep going for quite a while.

Reasonable Pricing

Our estimating for repairs, diagnostic or technical support administrations for any gadgets are truly moderate. We give quality repair services at a reasonable cost for all people and business in the Plano zone.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How much does it take to replace my HP laptops screen?

A: It usually takes around $45-$80 for a HP laptops display.

Q: Can a HP laptops screen be replaced?

A: Yes, a HP laptops screen can be replaced. iCertifiedGeek is a reliable place to replace your laptops screen.

Q: How long do HP batteries last?

A: A HP laptops battery usually last from 18 to 24 months.

Q: Is it ok to use my HP laptop while charging?

A: Yes. It is completely fine to use your laptop while charging.

Q: Where can I replace my laptops battery?

A: iCertifiedGeek is a reliable and affordable place to get your laptops battery replaced.

Q: How much does it cost to replace a battery?

A: A genuine battery costs almost double a generic one. It costs somewhere around $200- $250.

Q: Can my laptops keyboard be replaced?

A: Yes. Your laptops keyboard can be replaced. iCertifiedGeek is the perfect place to replace your keyboard.

Q: How much does it cost to replace my laptops keyboard?

A: It takes somewhere around $25- $60 to replace your laptops keyboard.

Q: Can my water damaged laptop be repaired?

A: Yes. Your water damaged laptop can be repaired depending on the condition of your laptop.