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Cellphone and smartphone repair plano texas North Dallas

Looking for a cellphone repair store in Plano? iCertifiedGeek are here to help. We provide complete cellphone repair services for all brands and models of cellphones. We have a team of certified smartphone repair experts with several years of expertise in fixing all kinds of issues relating cellphones. Give us a call today or stop by our Plano location to get your Cellphone repaired.

We provide cellphone repair services for all brands and models of cellphone including iPhone®, Samsung®, One Plus®, Google Pixel®, HTC®, Oppo®, Panasonic®, Motorola®, etc

Expert Cellphone Repair Service Plano

Cellphone issues are almost all of the time similar and have common problems so that’s why we can provide same day cellphone repair services. We have a large inventory for cellphone repair items of almost all smartphones. Some of the common cellphone repair services we provide at our Plano location include

  • Cellphone screen repair service Plano
  • Cellphone battery replacement service Plano
  • Cellphone charging repair service Plano
  • Cellphone not turning on repair service Plano
  • Cellphone liquid damage repair service Plano
  • Cellphone no display repair service Plano
  • Cellphone wi-fi not working repair service Plano
  • Cellphone software restore service Plano
  • Cellphone password removal service Plano
  • Cellphone virus removal service Plano
  • Cellphone logic board repair service Plano
  • Cellphone freezing and lag repair service Plano
  • Cellphone back frame repair service Plano
  • Cellphone account unlock repair service Plano
  • iPhone stuck on Apple logo repair service Plano

Same Day Cell Phone Repair Service Plano

Cellphone Screen Repair Plano

Do you have a cracked cellphone screen that you need to fix? iCertifiedGeek can help with getting your cellphone screen repaired. Is your cellphone touch no working? Do you have black or purple blotches on the screen? Do you need to replace the glass on your cellphone screen? We fix all cellphone issues with screen damage and we do it on the same day depending on parts availability. If you need to get your cellphone screen repaired fast, let us know.

Cellphone Battery Replacement Plano

Is your cellphone battery draining too quickly? Do you need to replace your cellphone battery? Do you have a swollen cellphone battery? Is your cellphone only displaying no charge signal? Well if we change the battery on your cellphone all of these problems you have with your cellphone will disappear or you could have other issues with your cellphone apart from the battery. Bring your cellphone to our Plano location to get it diagnosed and fixed.

Cellphone Charging Port Repair Plano

Is your cellphone charging port not working? Did you damage your cellphone charging port? Does your cellphone charging port work only if you held the charger at a certain angle? Does your charging port not enter the charging connection cable? Don’t worry if you have any issues with charging on your cellphone, rest assured Cellphone Repair Experts in Plano- iCertifiedGeek can get that fixed for you.

Cellphone Liquid Damage Repair Plano

Did your cellphone get liquid damaged and you want to make it functional again. In extreme liquid damage cases, the cellphone will not work and we might have to replace almost all of the components including battery, charge port, screen, etc to get it fixed. That is why liquid damage cases for cellphones is complicated. We provide cellphone liquid damage logic board repair services for extreme cases and mild liquid damage cases. Stop by our Plano location with your liquid damaged phone and we can help.

Dead Cell

Cellphone No Sound Repair Plano

Is your cellphone speaker or microphone not working? Do you get no sound when you’re calling someone or watching a video? There could be couple of reasons why your cellphone sound is inaudible. It could be because of incorrect settings or silent mode, speaker issue, microphone issue, audio ic issue, connection issues, etc. Bring your cellphone at our store to get it diagnosed and we can provide you the best repair option for your cellphone.

Dead Cellphone repair service Plano Texas

Dead Cellphone Repair Plano

Is your cellphone not powering on? Is your cellphone not taking charge? Is your cellphone having startup issues? Did your cellphone have liquid damage and stopped functioning? No matter what could have made your cellphone to stop working, our certified tech will diagnose your cellphone and provide you with the right repair option for your cellphone.

Cellphone Data Recovery Plano

Do you have a dead cellphone that’s not taking charge or is your cellphone not turning on after a liquid damage on it? Or is your cellphone stuck on root mode or apple logo itunes screen? Sometimes it could be worth it to get your cellphone fixed but some times the data is more important than getting your cellphone fixed. iCertifiedGeek provide cellphone data recovery services for all brands and models of cellphone so bring your cellphone at our store for data recovery.

Why Choose Our Cellphone Repair Services In Plano


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