Slow iMac Repair Plano

Slow iMac Repair Service Near Plano

Do you need to speed up your slow iMac near Plano? Tired of seeing your iMac’s spinning rainbow cursor? Do you have problems with project rendering, or is your slow iMac impacting your workflow? Don’t worry, there are different ways to upgrade your iMac’s efficiency without investing thousands on the new iMac. You can make your old iMac run faster and upgrade your iMac to your requirements. Give us a call today to talk to one of our members about getting your iMac model repaired or updated. No matter what issue you might have with your iMac, iCertifiedGeek are here to help get it fixed.

We work on all models of iMac Retina and Non-Retina models including 2020 iMac 5K Retina Display, 2020 iMac 4K Retina Display, 2019 iMac 4K 21.5-inch Retina Display, 2017 iMac Pro 5K Retina Display (A1862), 2019 iMac 21.5-inch 4K Retina Display i3,  A2116), 2019 iMac 5K  Retina Display i5 & i9 (A2115), 2017 iMac  5K Retina Display (A1419), 2015 iMac  5K Retina Display  (A1419), 2014 iMac  5K Retina Display  (A1419), 2013 iMac  display  (A1419), 2012 iMac  display (A1419), 2017 iMac 21.5-inch 4K Retina Display (A1418), 2015 iMac 21.5-inch 4K Retina Display  (A1418), 2013 iMac 21.5-inch Display (A1418), 2012 iMac 21.5-inch Display  (A1418), (2009-2011) iMac  display Core 2 Duo, i3,  (A1312), (2009-2011) iMac 21.5-inch Core 2 Duo, i3, (A1311)

Same Day Slow iMac Repair Services Plano

Some of the services we provide for performance enhancement on slow iMac include

  • Slow iMac Hard Drive Replacement Plano
  • Slow iMac SSD Upgrade Service Plano
  • Slow iMac RAM Upgrade Service Plano
  • Slow iMac Motherboard Repair Plano
  • Liquid damage Slow iMac Repair Plano
  • Physical Damage Slow iMac Repair Plano
  • iMac Logic Board Replacement Plano
  • Virus Removal Slow iMac Repair Plano
  • iMac OSX configuration Plano
  • Slow iMac Graphics Card Repair Plano
  • Slow iMac Sensor Repair Plano

Expert Slow iMac Repair Service Plano

Slow iMac Hard Drive Replacement Plano

The mechanical hard drive on your iMac gets bad or starts to malfunction after long use, thereby making the data read and write speed suffer and slowing the performance of your iMac. If not replaced in time, it might be absolutely dead and not boot the operating system on it, making it unusable for your iMac. If you need faster performance on your slow iMac, then we can help to repair your iMac. Bring your iMac to iCertifiedGeek iMac Repair shop and we can make our slow iMac fast again.

Slow iMac SSD Upgrade Service Plano

The new SSD technology is the right upgrade for your iMac if you want even better performance, reliable storage and storage that consumes less power. You won’t believe how easily your slow iMac can be upgraded with just a simple SSD. Bring your iMac to our store and see the speed difference between the Solid State Drive and the normal hard drive. We provide same day iMac SSD upgrade services for all models of iMac.

iMac RAM Upgrade Service Plano Texas

Slow iMac RAM Upgrade Service Plano

Are you looking for improved results on your iMac? Do you want to use heavy device rendering and processing on your iMac without slowing it down? By updating your iMac’s memory, you can get it. The word memory upgrade does not need to scare you, as we are here to help. It can be done for you by our professional technicians. For any assistance, just send us a call or drop by our Plano store. iCertifiedGeek are here to help you with any repair, upgrade or tech support for your iMac.

Slow iMac Virus Removal Service Plano

Even iMacs are susceptible to viruses and malware, so when surfing the internet or plugging in an unknown storage media, you should be cautious. Slow performance and duplicating files or unable to access files on your iMac is one of the indicators of viruses in the system. Our specialist technicians on all platforms, including iMac, have several years of experience in virus removal. Give us a call and talk to our experts about what to do about an iMac infected with your virus. We provide home service or business support for the Plano area.

Apple Logo Stuck iMac Repair Plano

Slow iMac Graphics Card Issue Repair Plano

An early sign of a graphics card failure may also be a slow iMac. If you have a graphics card malfunction, it will be difficult for your graphics card to generate visuals on your iMac and your processor will have to take more loads, which in turn makes your iMac slower. We can diagnose the graphical problems with your iMac and get it fixed if you can bring your iMac to our shop. We repair and replace graphics card on all iMac eligible models and also provide logic board replacement services. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

Why Choose Our Slow iMac Repair Services In Plano


There are no hidden fees for our iMac Repair Services In Plano. We will tell you the price before we start the repair on your iMac. We won’t charge you for further repairs if we can’t repair, upgrade or troubleshoot your issues with your iMac.


We have a track record for performing fast repair services for iMac repairs. Our sole purpose is to eliminate long periods of repair time and that is why we have an arsenal of iMac repair parts for almost all models so we can provide our customers with faster repair turnaround time.


Our repair technicians are certified experts with several years of experience in fixing all software and hardware related issues on all Retina and Non-Retina iMac models and provide services at an affordable cost.


No need to wait days in Plano to get an appointment and another few days to get your iMac repaired. iCertifiedGeek, iMac Repair Plano accepts walk-ins and will get right at work on your iMac. Call us and ask for more information.