ASUS Laptop Repair Plano

Need to fix your ASUS laptop near the Plano area? Let us know what kinds of problem you are having with your ASUS laptop? We can help with getting it fixed. Call us on (972) 685-1669 detailing your issues with your ASUS laptop and one of our certified repair technician can provide you with the right solution for your problem.

Our certified repair technicians have several years of expertise in fixing all kinds of problems with your ASUS laptop no matter software or hardware related. We also provide home support services for ASUS laptop repair so you can consult with our repair tech to schedule an appointment for a home service.

We provide repair, upgrade and tech support services on all ASUS laptops including ASUS ProART StudioBook, ASUS ZenBook, ASUS ZenBook Pro, ASUS VivoBook, ASUS ChromeBook, ASUS X515, ASUS X415, ASUS E410, ASUS X507, ASUS E402, ASUS Flip, Asus ROG Mothership, ASUS Zephyrus Duo, ASUS ROG Strix SCAR, ASUS Strix Hero III, ASUS ROG GU501, etc.

Complete ASUS Laptop Repair Plano Texas

Some of the services we provide for ASUS laptop repair in Plano includes

  • Slow ASUS Laptop Repair Plano
  • ASUS Laptop Hard Drive Repair Plano
  • ASUS Laptop Screen Repair Plano
  • ASUS Laptop Battery Replacement Plano
  • ASUS Laptop Charging Port Repair Plano
  • ASUS Laptop BIOS issue Repair Plano
  • ASUS Laptop Stuck On ASUS Logo Repair Plano
  • ASUS Laptop Not Turning On Repair Plano
  • ASUS Laptop Password Removal Plano
  • ASUS Laptop Virus Removal Plano
  • ASUS laptop Data Recovery Plano
  • ASUS Laptop No Display Repair Plano
  • ASUS Laptop Windows Install and Configuration Plano
  • ASUS Laptop Motherboard Repair Plano
  • ASUS Laptop SSD Upgrade Plano
  • ASUS Laptop hard Drive Replacement Plano
  • ASUS Laptop Wifi Issue Repair Plano
  • ASUS Laptop RAM upgrade Plano
  • ASUS Laptop Liquid Damage Repair Plano
  • ASUS Laptop Keyboard Replacement Plano
  • ASUS Laptop Trackpad Repair Plan

Services Provided For ASUS Laptop Repair In Plano

ASUS laptop black screen repair Plano

ASUS Laptop No Display Repair Plano

Is your ASUS laptop not showing display? Is your ASUS laptop stuck on the black screen while the keyboard and the fan are working? First thing that you can check when this happens is try to connect it to an external monitor to see if it is a connection issue on the screen or not. If the external monitor displays visuals then this could be loose connection or backlight issue. If the external monitor does not show visuals then this could be graphics card, RAM issue, motherboard issue, driver issue or other failing component on the laptop. Bring it by our Plano location to get it diagnosed and fixed.

ASUS laptop blue screen error repair Plano

ASUS Laptop Blue Screen Repair Plano

Tired of getting a blue screen error code when you turn on your computer or after an extended period of using your ASUS laptop? If your ASUS laptop is continuously getting a blue screen error screen then it means that there is some issue with the software or hardware component of the computer. You have to isolate the problem by identifying the error codes from the Blue screen and providing either a software resolution, hardware repair or replacement on the ASUS laptop. If you are not confident to do so, then contact iCertifiedGeek Plano to help take care of your Blue screen issues for you on your ASUS laptop.

Slow ASUS laptop windows laptop repair Plano

Slow ASUS Laptop Repair Plano

Are you frustrated with your slow ASUS laptop? If you need to get it fixed fast then iCertifiedGeek at Plano are the closest experts that can provide you the right recommendations for faster performance on your ASUS laptop. There are couple of reasons why your ASUS laptop could be slow

  • Failing Hard Drive
  • Low RAM Memory
  • Battery Issues
  • Corrupt Operating System
  • Virus or Malware
  • Incompatible or missing Drivers

We provide 13 point test diagnostic for slow computer and isolate all the reasons for your slow ASUS laptop and provide you with the best options for upgrade to make your slow ASUS laptop fast again. Give us a call and schedule an appointment with us at our Plano location.

ASUS Laptop Not Booting Repair Plano

ASUS Laptop Not Booting Repair Plano

Are you getting an error message on a black screen as no bootable media found? Having trouble booting your ASUS laptop to Windows? Boot issues on ASUS or windows laptops can be caused due to hardware or software failures such as loose storage media connection, hard disk failure, wrong BIOS configuration, wrong file system format, No operating system installed, corrupt operating system, virus or malware, etc. Bring your ASUS laptop over at iCertifiedGeek Plano and we can help get your laptop to boot and function again.

ASUS Laptop WIndows Install and Driver Configuration Service Plano

ASUS Laptop Windows Install & Configuration Plano

Are you having issues with your Windows version? Need to get your Windows upgraded to the latest operating system Windows 10. When upgrading to Windows, it is very important to install the correct new drivers and backup the data before performing the install because you might even loose your data when upgrading to new windows sometimes. If you want to backup your data before upgrading to Windows 10 but don’t know how then the experts at iCertifiedGeek can help you with the process. Stop by iCertifiedGeek Plano with your ASUS Laptop and we can show you to install Windows and configure the drivers for you.

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There are no hidden fees for our iMac Repair Services In Plano. We will tell you the price before we start the repair on your iMac. We won’t charge you for further repairs if we can’t repair, upgrade or troubleshoot your issues with your iMac.


We have a track record for performing fast repair services for iMac repairs. Our sole purpose is to eliminate long periods of repair time and that is why we have an arsenal of iMac repair parts for almost all models so we can provide our customers with faster repair turnaround time.


Our repair technicians are certified experts with several years of experience in fixing all software and hardware related issues on all Retina and Non-Retina iMac models and provide services at an affordable cost.


No need to wait days in Plano to get an appointment and another few days to get your iMac repaired. iCertifiedGeek, iMac Repair Plano accepts walk-ins and will get right at work on your iMac. Call us and ask for more information.