iPhone Repair Plano Texas

iPhone Screen Repair Data Recovery Service Plano

Looking for an iPhone repair service near plano? iCertifiedGeek provide complete iPhone repair service for both hardware and software related issues. We fix cracked iPhone screen, swollen battery, charging port issues, speaker sound issues, Face Id issues and many more. We have a team of certified experts with several years of expertise in fixing all sorts of issues related with iPhone. Give us a call today on (972) 685-1669 to get your iPhone issues resolved. We provide iPhone repair services for Plano area.

We fix all models of iPhone including iPhone® 5, iPhone® 5s, iPhone® 6, iPhone®6s, iPhone® 7, iPhone®8, iPhone® 8 plus, iPhone® 7 Plus, iPhone® 6s Plus, iPhone® 6 Plus, iPhone® X, iPhone® XS, iPhone® XS Max, iPhone® 11, iPhone® 11 Pro, iPhone® 11 Pro Max etc.https://www.youtube.com/embed/fbi1uNXsLLg?version=3&rel=1&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&fs=1&hl=en&autohide=2&wmode=transparent

Same Day iPhone Repair Plano

Some of our iPhone repair services we provide at our Plano location includes

  • iPhone Screen Repair Plano
  • iPhone Battery Replacement Plano
  • iPhone Charging port Repair plano
  • iPhone Liquid Damage Repair Plano
  • iPhone Apple Logo Stuck Repair Plano
  • iPhone Face Id issue repair plano
  • iPhone Not Turning On Repair Plano
  • iPhone Audio Ic Repair Plano
  • iPhone Microphone Repair Plano
  • iPhone Back Glass Repair Plano
  • iPhone Camera Repair Plano
  • iPhone Is Disabled Repair Plano
  • iPhone Forgotten Password Restore Plano
  • iPhone iTunes backup Service Plano
  • iPhone Data Recovery Service Plano
  • iPhone Power button repair service Plano
  • iPhone Physical damage repair Plano
  • iPhone home Button Repair Plano
  • iPhone Charging Ic Repair Plano
  • iPhone logic board repair Plano

Expert iPhone Repair Services Plano

iPhone cracked screen repair Plano

iPhone Screen Repair Plano

Is your iPhone screen slightly or completely working broken? Do you need a screen replacement service for your iPhone in the Plano area? A broken screen could harm your fingers or further harm your LCD because of grating with broken glass pieces. The LCD handles the touch functions of your iPhone® screen so if there is harm to your LCD or even a little break on your iPhone®’s LCD then your touch capacity will lessen and gradually as the break spreads all through the iPhone LCD will cease to function. Are you hoping to get your iPhone screen fixed at reasonable cost in the Plano area? iCertifiedGeek is here to assist you with best value, quality fixes and limited term warranty on iPhone broken screen repairs. Call us today and ask about your iPhone screen repair prices and we can assist you with sorting your iPhone out.

iPhone battery replacement service near Plano

iPhone Battery Replacement Plano

Is your iPhone battery depleting excessively fast? Does your iPhone take a long time to charge? Does your iPhone not turn on or hold a charge? On the off chance that your iPhone is a more established age and you have never had any maintenance on it then it very well may be the ideal opportunity for a battery replacement on your iPhone. Like some other batteries, iPhone batteries likewise free their ability to hold charge inevitably. Simply carry your iPhone to our store and we can assist with getting your iPhone battery supplanted rapidly.

iPhone charging port repair plano texas

iPhone Charging Port Repair Plano

There are a few reasons why your iPhone has charging issues. The issue could be coming from the charging port, battery, charging IC, residue or dirt stuck on the charging port or in some cases it simply needs a battery reset. When an iPhone® is connected to the charger and it doesn’t charge, it’s more deadly than a wrecked iPhone® screen. It resembles a ticking delayed bomb, the battery will vanish at last leaving your iPhone® dead. Nonetheless, the issue could be coming from the charger itself or it very well may be the electrical plug, it would be ideal if you check your charger with another gadget to test it prior to closing it’s a charging port issue. Subsequent to checking both the electrical plug and the charger, your iPhone is as yet not charging then there could either be an issue with your iPhones® charging port or it very well may be an issue with your rationale board. In the event that you don’t know why your iPhone isn’t charging, iPhone repair specialists at iCertifiedGeek can help get your charging issues resolved on your iPhone.

iPhone liquid damage repair service plano texas

iPhone Liquid Damage Repair Plano

When liquid gets spilled on the iPhone®, your iPhone® could be dead and not turn on. How would you act in the present circumstance? The main thing to check is that whether your iPhone® is dead or not and detach your iPhone® from the charger quickly on the grounds that it could cause a short out since water is a decent transmitter of power, it could sear the circuit of your iPhone. From that point forward, in the event that you can, at that point remove the battery from the iPhone. Then take a dry fabric and ensure you clean the outside of the iPhone® for any fluid particularly close to ports so more fluid doesn’t head inside. After that let the water channel out of the iPhone®. Ensure that you dry it out for at least 4 hours. Subsequent to doing as such, it might work or turn on yet it’s anything but an assurance that it’s fixed in light of the fact that in any event, when the fluid in the framework dries out, it gives up lingering minerals which can harm your circuits over the long haul. After the drying cycle, make a point to take it to an expert fix to get it fixed.

An indications of liquid damage on the iPhone® include:

  • Liquid soaked lines on the screen after liquid damage
  • iPhone® not turning on after liquid spill
  • iPhone® gets erosion on the ports like sim card plate, charging port or earphone jack after liquid spill
  • iPhone sound not working after a water spill
  • iPhone® not charging after water spill

iPhone Logic Board Repair Plano

The logic board of the iPhone is where all the circuits and other equipment parts are connected. This makes the logic board a significant piece of the iPhone® since practically the entirety of the functions of the iPhone® are done by the logic board and ought not be played with. Harm to the logic board is typically caused because of sporadic voltage fluctuation, liquid inside iPhone®, physical harm, a short out on iPhone, and so forth. Fixing issues on the iPhone® logic board is hazardous and the odds of losing information from the iPhone are extremely high and long haul fix isn’t constantly ensured. The most ideal choice for a harmed logic board is to replace the logic board with a new logic board.

Some of the signs of logic board issues include

  • iPhone not turning on
  • iPhone not charging
  • iPhone screen or touch not working
  • iPhone speaker or other peripherals not working
  • Slow and lagging iPhone
  • iPhone overheating
iPhone camera repair service plano

iPhone Camera Repair Plano

These days selfies and photography and videography are finished utilizing iPhones® and the camera on these iPhones® these days has gotten truly adaptable with different applications allowing you to change the f stop and other functions like professional cameras and we should have the option to utilize these stunning camera works also. Be that as it may, now and again because of physical harm, water damage or another interior wiring issue inside your iPhone®, your iPhone®’s camera probably won’t be completely practical or working. Try not to stress we can help you. We provide iPhone® camera repair services in Plano to guarantee that you can generally continue taking lovely photographs and recordings with your iPhone camera.

Cellphone iPhone data recovery service plano texas

iPhone Data Recovery Service Plano

Need to recover your iPhone data near Plano? We help you recover data from iPhone Message, Contacts, Photos, Videos, Notes, iTunes and iCloud Data Recovery and Backup, Liquid damage data recovery , physical damage data recovery , system and file corruption data Recovery, logic board repair data recovery etc. We have a team of experts with several years of expertise in fixing logic board issues and recovering iPhone data from dead logic boards, so rest assured we can help get your iPhone data recovered. Give us a call today for iPhone data recovery service In Plano.

iPhone stuck On Apple Logo Repair plano texas

iPhone Apple Logo Stuck Repair Plano

There are a couple of reasons why your iPhone could get stuck on the Apple logo including iOS won’t update issues ,iPhone activation and WiFi problems, corrupt iOS, Face ID issues, Touch ID Issues,Physical damage to the iPhone,Liquid damage to the iPhone, etc. We diagnose your iPhone and provide you with the best repair solution to get your iPhone stuck on the Apple logo fixed. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with our certified iPhone repair tech.

Why Choose Our iPhone Repair Services In Plano


There are no hidden fees for our iMac Repair Services In Plano. We will tell you the price before we start the repair on your iMac. We won’t charge you for further repairs if we can’t repair, upgrade or troubleshoot your issues with your iMac.


We have a track record for performing fast repair services for iMac repairs. Our sole purpose is to eliminate long periods of repair time and that is why we have an arsenal of iMac repair parts for almost all models so we can provide our customers with faster repair turnaround time.


Our repair technicians are certified experts with several years of experience in fixing all software and hardware related issues on all Retina and Non-Retina iMac models and provide services at an affordable cost.


No need to wait days in Plano to get an appointment and another few days to get your iMac repaired. iCertifiedGeek, iMac Repair Plano accepts walk-ins and will get right at work on your iMac. Call us and ask for more information.

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