Computer Repair

Looking For Computer Repair Service In Plano?

Need to get your Computer Repaired near Plano? We provide home service for computer repairs as well as in-store diagnostics, repair and upgrade computer repair services. Give us a call on (972) 685-1669 detailing your computer issues and we can help you get them fixed.

We can help get your Computer Fixed

We fix all issues on all types of computers. We can help get all these computer issues fixed. Our computer repair experts have more than 10 years experience in fixing all issues with computers. Is your computer not booting? Does your computer take a long time to load windows? Does your computer randomly restarts or freezes? Is your computer extremely slow? Do you want to upgrade your computer components for better performance? Need to restore your liquid damaged computer? iCertifiedGeek Plano takes care of all computer related issues hardware and software related and provides complete repair services for all models of computer.

We work on all types, brands and models of computers including Apple iMac®, Dell®, Toshiba®, HP®, ASUS®, Acer®, Samsung®, Gateway®, Lenovo®, IBM®, MSI®, Gaming computers, Alienware®, Apple MacBook Pro®, MacBook Air®, Apple MacBook®, Hp Envy®, HP Pavillion®, Lenovo Yoga®, Lenovo Thinkpad®, Dell Inspiron®, Dell Latitude®, Dell XPS®, Microsoft Surface®, Microsoft Surface Book®, Surface Pro X®, Asus ROG®, Asus ZenBook®, Huawei Matebook®, Razerblade Pro® and more.


Some of the computer repair services we provide in Plano includes

  • Computer Blue screen error code repair services
  • Computer Not Booting IT Support and service
  • Computer Question mark folder repair service
  • Computer operating system configuration service
  • Computer Motherboard repair services
  • Computer RAM upgrade and IT support service
  • Computer Graphics card repair and upgrade service
  • Computer Broken Screen Repair service
  • Computer Battery Replacement service
  • Computer Charging Port Repair service
  • Computer Virus removal support and services
  • Computer Internet Not working support and repair services
  • Computer Liquid Damage Repair services
  • Old Computer Performance Optimization services
  • Computer Beeping Noise Repair services
  • Computer Data migration and support services
  • Computer Technical support service
  • Managed Computer Network support and services
  • Computer On-site support and services
  • Desktop computer IT support and service

Complete Computer Repair Service Plano TX

Gaming Computer Repair Plano

We provide complete repair services for gaming computers custom build or pre-build in Plano. We have a team of certified experts that have several years of experience in building custom computers for gaming purpose. If you have a gaming computer that’s displaying system errors or boot loop errors or having trouble POSTing or booting your gaming computer then we can definitely help you out. We can help repair, upgrade and build your computer. We fix common gaming computer issues such as blue screen issue repair, Windows boot loop fix, motherboard issue fix, graphics card repair, RGB light install and configure, etc. You can definitely give us a call on (972) 685-1669 to schedule an appointment for fixing your gaming computer.

Computer Blue Screen Error Repair Plano

Getting a blue screen error code on Windows computer is the most common issue that most windows computer does have. It usually displays BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) because of hardware or software related issues such as hard drive failure, hardware failure, faulty drivers, physical component failure, corrupt operating system, no internet connection during boot up, etc and many more. iCertifiedGeek technicians will diagnose your computer and provide you the best repair solution for your computer displaying blue screen error in Plano.

Laptop Virus Removal Plano

Computer Virus Removal Service Plano

Is your computer infected with virus? Need a virus removal service for your home or business? Viruses are malicious softwares that alter system files and changes how your computer operates and also could end up stealing your data and information and could also be making your computer extremely slow. Do you think your computer may have some viruses into it. Does your computer have any of these issue:

  • Unusual installation of programs
  • Unusual background processes
  • Slow computer performance
  • Frequent computer or software crashes
  • Random Pop-ups on the screen

Bring your computer to our Plano store where our certified experts will exterminate these digital virus and malware from your computers.

Acer Laptop Battery Replacement Plano Texas North Dallas

Computer Battery Replacement Plano

Is your computer battery draining too quickly? Does your computer turn off as soon as you take the charger off? Is your laptop battery expanding or swollen? Do you want to check your laptop’s battery health? If so, you can bring your laptop at our shop where we can diagnose your computer and let you know all that’s wrong with you. Give us a call detailing your model or serial number and brand of the computer to check for battery availability and we can get your computer battery replaced.

Computer Storage (HDD or SSD) Upgrade Plano

Is your computer storage nearly full? Do you have a slow computer and need to upgrade to the SSD? Is your hard drive making a clinking metal noise when it is being used? Do you see a BSOD sign when you open your computer? We can help you get your storage media upgraded. Most of the time these problems are coming due to hard drive failures. Give us a call today to see if your computer is eligible for a storage upgrade or not.

Slow Computer Repair Plano

There are several reasons for a slow computer. It could be software related or hardware related. Some software related issues causing slow computer performance include infected virus and malware, corrupt operating system, missing system files, registry edit wrong code, etc. Some hardware related issue causing slow computer include hard drive failure, RAM failure, graphics card failure, motherboard failure, etc. We have several years of expertise in fixing all issues with slow computer. Give us a call and we can get your slow computer issue fixed.

Cracked Computer Screen Repair

Do you have a cracked computer screen that you need to get fixed? Is your laptop touch screen not working? Does your computer have thin purple lines on it or does your computer screen is not working or is very dim? No matter what type of computer you have, the certified experts at iCertifiedGeek are here to help.

Computer Operating System Install & Configuration Plano

Are you having issues with your Windows version? Do you Need to get your Windows upgraded to the latest operating system Windows 10. When upgrading to Windows, it is very important to install the correct new drivers and backup the data before performing the install because you might even loose your data when upgrading to new windows sometimes. If you want to backup your data before upgrading to Windows 10 but don’t know how then the experts at iCertifiedGeek can help you with the process. Stop by iCertifiedGeek Plano with your computer and we can show you to install Windows and configure the drivers for you.

Acer Laptop System Failure Service Plano

Computer System Failure Repair Plano

System Failures are usually caused because of a software fault, corrupt or missing or it could some major component of the computer could be failing. If you have no idea why your computer is malfunctioning or even displaying system failure codes then don’t worry, our expert technicians can help get your system failure computer fixed.

Computer Motherboard Repair Plano

Are you having motherboard issues with your computer? Motherboard issues could be caused due to liquid damage, overheating, physical damage, component failure, etc. iCertifiedGeek provide complete motherboard repair and replacement services for all models and brands of computer.

Liquid damage HP laptop repair Plano

Computer Liquid Damage Repair Plano

Did you spill liquid on your computer and now it’s not turning on or charging? Well liquid when enters into your computer system can damage the internal components of your computer and make your computer non-functional. In order to fix liquid damaged computers, we mostly perform ultrasonic cleaning and in-depth diagnostic and repair services. Ultrasonic cleaning clears out the corrosion from the liquid while motherboard diagnostic will help us isolate if there is issues with the motherboard and if we have to repair it or replace the motherboard. Give us a call today to get your liquid damaged computer fixed.

Computer Data Migration or Recovery Plano

Need to migrate your data from your old computer to your new computer? Do you need to recover data from your old non-functional computer? Need to transfer big data from your computers? iCertifiedGeeks provide complete data services for all computers. Call us and schedule an appointment for computer drop off to data recovery and migration.

Computer Not Booting Repair Plano

Is your computer not booting? Is your computer stuck on the Windows logo or Apple logo? Does your computer say no bootable media found or displays blue screen or startup issues? If your computer has boot problems then first the operating system must be checked and reloaded or reinstalled. If the problem is not with the software then we will try hardware installations to fix your booting issues. Give us a call if you don’t know how to fix your computer booting issues, we can help you.

Computer Graphics Issue Repair Plano

Is your computer displaying distorted video or graphics? Is your computer display not turning on? Do you often get blue screen errors when playing games? If so then your computer could have graphics card issues. If you have an inbuilt graphics on your motherboard, then you can try taking off your graphics from the motherboard and try using the inbuilt graphics to display the screen. If it doesn’t work then you can bring it by to our Plano location, where we can diagnose and fix your graphics card problem.

Why Choose Our Computer Repair Services In Plano


There are no hidden fees for our iMac Repair Services In Plano. We will tell you the price before we start the repair on your iMac. We won’t charge you for further repairs if we can’t repair, upgrade or troubleshoot your issues with your iMac.


We have a track record for performing fast repair services for iMac repairs. Our sole purpose is to eliminate long periods of repair time and that is why we have an arsenal of iMac repair parts for almost all models so we can provide our customers with faster repair turnaround time.


Our repair technicians are certified experts with several years of experience in fixing all software and hardware related issues on all Retina and Non-Retina iMac models and provide services at an affordable cost.


No need to wait days in Plano to get an appointment and another few days to get your iMac repaired. iCertifiedGeek, iMac Repair Plano accepts walk-ins and will get right at work on your iMac. Call us and ask for more information.

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