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iMac Repair Service Plano - iCertifiedGeek

Looking for iMac repair service near the Plano area? The experts at iCertifiedGeek are here to help you out with any issues you might have with your iMac hardware or software related. We provide iMac repair services for all Plano residents individual and business. Give us a call today detailing your issues you have with your iMac and we can provide the best solution for your iMac issues. We also provide home repair and support services for iMac and can send a tech over at your business location for quick fix on your iMac. Let us know by giving us a call on (972) 685-1669.

Repair iMac All models in Plano Texas

We work on all models of iMac Retina and Non-Retina models including 2020 iMac 5K Retina Display, 2020 iMac 4K Retina Display, 2019 iMac 4K 21.5-inch Retina Display, 2017 iMac Pro 5K Retina Display (A1862), 2019 iMac 21.5-inch 4K Retina Display i3,  A2116), 2019 iMac 5K  Retina Display i5 & i9 (A2115), 2017 iMac  5K Retina Display (A1419), 2015 iMac  5K Retina Display  (A1419), 2014 iMac  5K Retina Display  (A1419), 2013 iMac  display  (A1419), 2012 iMac  display (A1419), 2017 iMac 21.5-inch 4K Retina Display (A1418), 2015 iMac 21.5-inch 4K Retina Display  (A1418), 2013 iMac 21.5-inch Display (A1418), 2012 iMac 21.5-inch Display  (A1418), (2009-2011) iMac  display Core 2 Duo, i3,  (A1312), (2009-2011) iMac 21.5-inch Core 2 Duo, i3, (A1311),

Certified iMac Repair Services In Plano

Some of the services we provide for iMac repair in Plano include

  • Slow iMac Repair Service In Plano
  • iMac Failing Hard Drive Repair Plano
  • iMac RAM Memory Upgrade Plano
  • iMac Flashing ? Folder Repair Plano
  • iMac Apple Logo Stuck Repair Plano
  • Broken iMac Screen Repair Plano
  • Data Recovery & Backup Service For iMac in Plano
  • iMac Operating System Configuration Service Plano
  • iMac Graphics Card Repair Plano
  • Loud Fan iMac Repair Plano
  • Overheating iMac Repair Plano
  • Virus Removal Service For iMac in Plano
  • Firmware Lock iMac Unlock Service Plano
  • Password Removal For iMac in Plano
  • iMac Faulty Power Supply Repair Plano
  • iMac Network Configuration Services Plano
  • iMac Kernel Panic Repair Plano

Complete iMac Repair Services In Plano

Slow iMac Repair Service Near Plano

Slow iMac Repair Plano

Is your iMac performance slow? Are you seeing the beach ball loading cursor when loading applications or opening files? Need to optimize your iMac for faster performance? There are several reasons why your iMac has become slow. Like any other electronics, your iMac also is a machine and after certain years of usage some of the components on your iMac could fail making you experience slow performance. Software issues like malware or virus, corrupt macOS, incompatible macOS, too many startup applications, heavy processing and rendering applications like photoshop, Final Cut, Logic Pro, Adobe After effects, etc. could cause your iMac to become slow. There could also be hardware issues like failing hard disk drive, bad SATA connection cable, graphics card failure, iMac sensor could be damaged, low RAM memory, iMac logic board issues, iMac power supply issues, etc that could be causing your iMac to become slow. Don’t worry, our certified Mac repair experts will diagnose your iMac and provide you the best solution for your iMac for hardware and software related issue.

iMac HDD Upgrade and Replacement Plano

iMac Hard Drive Replacement Plano

One of the main giveaway that your iMac needs hard drive replaced is if your iMac becomes slow when accessing files or during bootup. The hard drive is the storage media of the iMac and it contains the applications necessary for your iMac to function, so if the hard drive is failing, has bad sectors or has partition issues then it is necessary to get it fixed. Hard Drives are mechanical and after certain years of usage the mechanical hard drive begins to show issues since the moving components overtime due to lots of read and write get damaged. In case of iMac hard drive issues you can either try formatting your hard drive and installing a new macOS or replacing the whole hard drive. If you need an expert to provide iMac hard drive replacement service in Plano, then you can always contact us, we are here to help. We provide iMac Hard Drive Replacement Services for Retina and Non-Retina iMac.

iMac RAM Upgrade Service Plano Texas

iMac RAM Upgrade Plano

Need to upgrade the RAM on your iMac? Having low RAM memory on your iMac could be limiting your iMac’s performance. Having more RAM on your iMac allows you to multitask, process and render multiple project files and even make your computer performance faster since more RAM means more instructions can be sent by the CPU to RAM for processing. Mostly people upgrade their RAM if you open multiple applications and tabs at once and need fast performance, create content like editing videos, music, creating programs or applications, play games, use AutoCad etc. Several content producing applications like Adobe After Effects or AutoDesk etc require lots of RAM for running the applications smoothly without freezing. If you are using your iMac for content production, then low RAM means you have to deal with freezing and lagging iMac, pre-rendering project files, seeing beach ball cursor when you process application, overheating iMac, iMac system crashes, etc. Don’t worry, iCertifiedGeek technicians are here to help upgrade your iMac RAM for all compatible models Retina and Non-Retina iMac.We can upgrade iMac RAM upto 16Gb, 24Gb, 32Gb, 64Gb or even 128Gb if needed on compatible iMac models.

iMac Flashing Folder Repair Plano

iMac Question Mark Folder Repair Plano

Is your iMac displaying a flashing question mark folder when you try to boot? Are you having startup issues on your iMac? Need to get your question mark folder removed from your iMac and use your iMac like you used to. iMac Question mark folder could be the result of various software or hardware related issues such as corrupt macOS, incompatible macOS, hard drive failure, SATA connection failure, motherboard connection failure, different file system on hard drive, virus or malware issues, no macOS, etc. The ? Folder sign on the iMac is experienced when your iMac is unable to retrieve macOS information from the hard disk drive. Don’t worry, if your iMac is displaying this issue then bring our iMac over to our Plano location where we can diagnose, repair and upgrade your iMac and get your iMac issue resolved.

Apple Logo Stuck iMac Repair Plano

iMac Apple Logo Stuck Repair Plano

Need to fix your iMac stuck on the Apple Logo Boot loop near the Plano area? If your iMac is stuck on the Apple logo then you must understand that this could either be a hardware related issue or software related issue. One of the simplest fix for this issue could sometime be performing an NVRAM or PRAM reset.

How to perform NVRAM or PRAM reset on iMac?

  1. Shutdown your iMac for 10 second
  2. Hold the keyboard keys Command, Option, P and R
  3. Turn On your iMac
  4. Keep holding the keyboard keys and you will hear the iMac chime.
  5. iMac will restart and chimes another time.
  6. Release the keyboard keys and now your iMac NVRAM has been reset.

If your iMac is still stuck on the Apple logo then there could be other issues like hard drive failure, graphics card issue, too many startup applications, corrupt macOS, RAM failure, etc. We fix all issues that could be causing your iMac to be stuck on the Apple logo hardware and software related. Visit iCertifiedGeek or stop by our location in Plano with your iMac and get your iMac issues resolved. You can always schedule a home service appointment for fixing your iMac stuck on the Apple Logo by giving us a call detailing your issue and one of our certified technicians will be dispatched to your Plano location.

Broken iMac Screen Repair Plano

Broken iMac Screen Replacement Plano

Need to replace your iMac screen? Do you have a broken iMac screen that you need to replace? We fix and replace iMac screen on all models and provide service for all residents of Plano area. The prices for iMac screen replacement depends on the model and year of the iMac. There are different types of iMac screens and can be distinguished by Retina and Non-Retina models and Retina models have even more different screens that could be iMac 4K Retina Display Screen, iMac 5K Retina Display screen, 21.5″ iMac Retina Display Screen. 27″ Retina Display Screen, etc. Non-Retina models have a glass cover that protects the LCD while Retina models don’t have the glass protection. Give us a call today detailing your iMac model, year and we can help you replace your broken iMac Screen.

iMac Backup and Data Recovery Service Plano

iMac Backup & Data Recovery Service Plano

Do you need to transfer, migrate, backup or clone your data from your iMac to a storage media for safekeeping and protection of your data? iMac like any other devices could have serious issues that could make it non-functional and if it does become non-functional then all the data stored inside the iMac becomes inaccessible. That is why it is very important for you to backup your iMac. What happens when you don’t have a backup of your data? In case your iMac becomes unresponsive but you still want to recover the data then you require a data recovery service. iCertifiedGeek provides complete iMac backup services and data recovery service for all models of iMac. You need our data backup and recovery services when you have a dead iMac, iMac not booting, iMac keeps restarting and freezing, iMac displays question mark folder, iMac stuck on Apple Logo, iMac stuck on white screen, iMac forgotten password, iMac firmware lock, iMac no display, etc. Give us a call and let us know what problem you have with your iMac and let us help get your data backed up and recovered. iCertifiedGeek provide home and business tech support for iMac data backup and recovery services so you can schedule an appointment and we can send a certified technician over to get your iMac issues resolved.

iMac macOS Install and Configuration Service Plano

iMac macOS Install & Configuration Plano

Are you thinking of upgrading your iMac macOS to the latest macOS or to the older macOS that you wanted but are having difficulty with installing and configuring macOS on iMac. Sometimes while performing an upgrade or downgrade of macOS you might accidentally delete all your files so you should always back up your data before performing a macOS install. If you need an expert Mac certified tech to help you with installing and configuring your iMac macOS, then the certified experts at iCertifiedGeek are here to help. Give us a call today and we can schedule a home service for macOS configuration for your iMac or you can stop by our Plano location to get your iMac macOS configured same day. Here is a list of iMac macOS Configurations you can select

  • OSX 10.5 Leopard (2007) install and configuration
  • OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard (2009) install and configuration
  • OSX 10.7 Lion (2011) install and configuration
  • OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion (2012) install and configuration
  • OSX 10.9 Mavericks (2013) install and configuration
  • OSX 10.10 Yosemite (2014) install and configuration
  • OSX 10.11 El Capitan (2015) install and configuration
  • macOS 10.12 Sierra (2016) install and configuration
  • macOS 10.13 High Sierra (2017) install and configuration
  • macOS 10.14 Mojave (2018) install and configuration
  • macOS 10.15 Catalina (2019) install and configuration
  • macOS 10.16 Big Sur (2020) install and configuration
iMac Firmware Password Removal Service Plano

iMac Password Removal Service Plano

Did you forget your password on your iMac? Does your iMac require firmware password when you startup? Are you unable to boot from an external drive because of EFI encryption on your iMac? Need to remove the password from your hard drive or iMac? iCertifiedGeek understand that forgetting a password can happen to anyone and we are here to help get your iMac password removed. Some of the iMac password encryptions that can be removed are iMac user password removal, iMac EFI encryption removal, iMac Firmware password removal, iMac Hard Disk Drive Password Removal, etc. If you need to get your forgotten iMac password removed then contact us and bring your iMac to our Plano store or schedule a home service appointment by giving us a call.

Why Choose Our iMac Repair Services In Plano


There are no hidden fees for our iMac Repair Services In Plano. We will tell you the price before we start the repair on your iMac. We won’t charge you for further repairs if we can’t repair, upgrade or troubleshoot your issues with your iMac.


We have a track record for performing fast repair services for iMac repairs. Our sole purpose is to eliminate long periods of repair time and that is why we have an arsenal of iMac repair parts for almost all models so we can provide our customers with faster repair turnaround time.


Our repair technicians are certified experts with several years of experience in fixing all software and hardware related issues on all Retina and Non-Retina iMac models and provide services at an affordable cost.


No need to wait days in Plano to get an appointment and another few days to get your iMac repaired. iCertifiedGeek, iMac Repair Plano accepts walk-ins and will get right at work on your iMac. Call us and ask for more information.

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